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Your gallbladder is a structure near the liver. The primary function of the gall bladder is storing and concentrating the bile produced by the liver. When your gall bladder is infected, develops stones or has other health complications, a surgeon at Clear Lake City Healthcare Professionals in Webster, TX may recommend removing the organ.

Gallbladder Q & A

What Requires Treatment of the Gall Bladder?

The gall bladder has a specific function: it supports the liver by storing and concentrating bile. The problem is that it may develop gallstones or deposits of hard bile that build up over time. The gallstones complicate your health by growing in size and blocking the bile from draining into your body.

While gallstones and the development of several stones over a short period of time may require treatment, we also recommend medical treatment when the gall bladder does not work effectively. Some individuals do not have a functioning gall bladder or it has a defect that prevents it from draining or filling with bile. In that situation, removing the gall bladder allows the body to function more effectively.

When Does Surgery Help?

The surgery helps when you experience severe pain from gallstones and they persist after removing the stones. It may also help when inflammation in the gallbladder develops and contributes to your pain. Inflammation means your body is attacking the gall bladder or the areas around the organ, resulting in pain and discomfort.

Why Consider a Surgical Procedure?

The surgical procedure is not always necessary when you have gallstones, but it may help in certain situations. Generally, a surgeon recommends the treatment when the stones persist, grow to a large size, or cause severe pain in your abdominal region. The surgery we recommend depends on the situation and your symptoms, so we may suggest a minimally invasive option or an open surgery to remove the gallbladder.

Open surgery is appropriate when certain complications limit the options of a minimally invasive procedure. When it is possible, we use a minimally invasive surgical procedure to remove the gallbladder.

Your gall bladder does not always function correctly and may require treatment to address the underlying problems. In some cases, we may suggest surgical procedures to help with your health.