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The appendix is an organ in your system that does not have a clear function. The 3 and 1/2 inch long tube is connected to the large intestine and may become inflamed or infected. When you develop appendicitis call Clear Lake City Healthcare Professionals in Webster, TX, it usually requires surgery to remove the organ.

Appendicitis Q & A

What is Appendicitis?

Appendicitis refers to an infection of the appendix. It is always considered a medical emergency because the infection may cause the appendix to burst when it is not removed. When the appendix bursts or develops holes from the infection and inflammation, it causes the infectious materials to spill into your abdominal cavity.

A burst appendix requires immediate medical treatment. If it is not treated, then it may result in death due to the inflammation of the abdominal cavity lining. Always seek treatment if you have any concerns about appendicitis or you notice severe pain in your abdominal region.

What are the Signs of Appendicitis?

The signs of the infection of the appendix start with pain near the navel that moves toward the lower right abdomen. In most cases, the pain starts out dull by the navel and becomes sharper as it moves toward the right. You may also notice a loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting that starts shortly after the pain starts. A fever and abdominal swelling may also occur when you develop appendicitis.

Some symptoms do not occur in every situation. Painful urination, severe cramps, and constipation may occur in some individuals, but do not occur in every situation when you have appendicitis.

Why do you Need Surgery?

Appendicitis always requires surgical treatment. The surgery is necessary because a burst appendix may result in death if you do not receive immediate antibiotic treatments and medical intervention.

Since you do not need an appendix for good health, it is always removed when you develop the infection. The treatment allows you to address the cause of your pain without taking risks with your health and well-being. Without the surgical treatment, you or a loved one may experience severe pain and death.

Do not wait to seek treatment when you suspect appendicitis. The condition is dangerous to your health and require immediate medical intervention.